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High Voltage DC - DC Converters
High Voltage DC-DC Converters
·2kV to 35kV
·Up to 10 watts
·Fixed or adjustable output
·Input up to 48 VDC
Application / Design
High Voltage Multipliers
High Voltage Multipliers
·10kV to 150 kV
Diodes & Rectifier Assemblies
Diodes & Rectifier Assemblies
·2kV to 250 kV
·High voltage rectifiers, diodes
and other assemblies.

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High Voltage Power Supply
High Voltage Power Supplies
·3kV to 100kV
·0 to 500W
·AC or DC input
·DC output.
Surge Arresters / Suppressors
Surge Arresters/Suppressors
·Lightning arresters
·surge suppression
High Voltage Test Equipment
High Voltage Test Equipment
·High Voltage Meter with
digital readout
    -Dialectric Strength Tester with digital readout
Custom Packaging Encapsulation
Custom Packaging

Epoxy encapsulation for
demanding environments
and ease of assembly.